Directors Meeting

HDPAC.Org holds its board of directors zoom meeting once a month and the public is invited to participate, to listen and or to contribute to our policy discussions. (to send a request to participate in a meeting click here).

HDP.ORG Yearly Conference

Every year, HDPAC.Org holds a Policy Conference in Washington DC in conjunction with the House Haiti Caucus.  The three (3) day event involves discussions with US Members of Congress, American policy makers, Haitian American experts, Haitian politicians, business and community leaders. This event provides opportunity to develop policy agenda that advance Haiti’s interests. (To register for this year Conference click here).

Civic Education

In conjunction with Haitian American and other organizations, HDP.Org sponsors community civic education to aid and encourage Haitian American to participate in the electoral process. To that end, we seek the cooperation of any organization willing to work with us to reach Haitian American wherever they are and help them better understand how the American government works and how their voices can be heard loud and clear.

Bi-Annual Reports

Twice a year, HDP.ORG publishes its bi-annual report to alert the community about its work and its plan for the year. We encourage our members and the community at large to read these reports and make comments.

Fundraising Events – The “HAYS”

In conjunction with many Organizations, HPD.ORG holds a yearly Haitian American Yearly Summit in different cities in the United States each year to promote community engagement and exchanges of ideas for policy consideration. (To register for this Year HAYS click here).

Board of Directors

HDP.ORG is governed by a board of directors of 15 members and an executive committee composed of the President, the Vice-president, the Treasurer and the secretary. (Click here for list of members of the Board).

Advisory Council.

Advisory Council

HDP.ORG has an advisory council of 35 members. Each member represents a different state of the United States. Their job is to advise the board of directors on policy agenda, governance issues, political agenda, and fundraising. (Click here for a list of members of the Advisory Council).