Standing committees

Political Steering Committee

Finance Committee

Public Relations Committee

Governance Committee

International Relations Committee

PAC Ambassador Committee

Fundraising Committee

Political Steering Committee: The role of HDPAC’s Political Steering Committee is to develop, promote and safeguard the political values, principles, and interests of HDPAC. It also establishes the core ideas, policies, and rules governing the recruitment of candidates for federal, state, and local offices and the support of incumbent office holders. The committee shall meet at least one month and must report to the executive board its finding with respect to candidates for national, state, and local offices that HDPAC may support.  The Steering Committee must conduct interviews with candidates in an open and transparent manner and may organize public events to allow constituents and members of HDPAC to learn about a candidate’s positions on several issues. 

Meeting:  Monthly 

Report:  Executive Board

Finance Committee: The role of the finance committee is primarily to provide financial oversight for the organization. The Committee shall elect a chair and vice-chair, and shall oversee preparing the budget, financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.  The Finance committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Develop an annual operating budget
  2. Approve the budget within the finance committee and submit to the Executive Board
  3. Monitor adherence to the Budget
  4. Set long-range financial goals for HDPAC by setting markers for fundraising
  5. Ensure that each board members, advisory board members, and members of the national advisory council pay their dues, or make the required donations
  6. Develop multiyear operating budgets that integrate strategic plan objectives and initiatives of     HDPAC.
  7. Planning fundraising including educating members of the board on fundraising techniques.

Meeting: Once a Month * Report: Executive Board

Public Relations CommitteeThe purpose of the public relations committee is to gather and provide information to the public about the work of HDPAC. The Committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. To keep HDPAC members and the public at large inform of not only the work of HDPAC but also political matters and issues of relevance to our constituents.
  2. To increase and improve public awareness of HDPAC
  3. To provide information designed to increase membership of HDPAC
  4. In charge of drafting and disseminating all press releases
  5. Organize all press events including press conference

Meeting: Twice a month *  Report:  Executive Board

 Governance Committee: HDPAC’s governance committee shall be responsible for establishing policies and monitor their implementation with the goal of leading HDPAC toward prosperity and sustainability. The governance committee is responsible for overseeing how the board manages itself, recruiting and interviewing candidates for board directorship and making recommendations to the board of directors. The committee shall create a pipeline of qualified board candidates to fill board director vacancies as part of a succession plan.  The Committee shall also develop rules and regulations designed for best practices within the context of the purpose of the organization. All amendments to the bylaws of the organization shall be submitted to the governance committee for review and recommendation to the Executive board who shall upon a majority decide whether the amendment shall be submitted for a vote to the board of directors.  

Responsibilities of The Governance Committee

The governance committee shall have the following responsibilities.

  • Overseeing all aspects of HDPAC’s functions on behalf of the board of Directors
  • Making recommendations to the board on governance policies, practices and procedures related to HDPAC and its purposes.
  • Monitoring compliance with IRC 527 governance regulations and, accordingly, providing prudent and      timely   guidance to the board of Directors
  • Monitoring and assessing the relationship between the board and Executive officers and making      recommendations          to the board to ensure that the board continues to function independently from the      management.
  • Reviewing and approving changes recommended by Executive officers including issues regarding    disclosures,      policies, and ethical considerations.

 Meeting: Monthly Report: Executive Board

International Affairs CommitteeThe international Relations committee shall be responsible for facilitating exchanges between Haitian Americans in the United States and the Haitian Diaspora around the world including Haiti.  The committee shall have full responsibility for HDPAC international relations programs and initiatives as established by the board of directors.

The committee shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Promoting the exchange of professional information, techniques, and knowledge, as well as personnel and literature between and among other Haitian and non-Haitian organizations around the world.
  2. Recommending international relations policy for HDPAC board of directors’ approval and to take the necessary steps for implementation.
  3. Making recommendations to the HDPAC Executive Board for appointments or nominations to any international organizations.
  4. Administering programs of HDPAC focusing on international relations with the goal of developing better relationships with countries that have greater influence on Haiti.
  5. Promoting program and publication activities on international relations by HDPAC its divisions and committees.
  6. Maintaining communication, when appropriate, with other organizations, government officials concerning international relations.
  7. Representing HDPAC’s view to organizations and agencies outside the United States that are concerned with international relations and Haitian Diaspora.
  8. Encouraging active participation of Haitian Diaspora organizations outside of the United States. 

Meeting: Monthly * Report: Executive Board

PAC Ambassador Committee: The PAC Ambassador committee is responsible for promoting membership in the organization. The committee shall develop a marketing plan to recruit PAC Ambassadors not only in the United States but in France, Canada, and the Dominican Republic. The committee shall have the following responsibilities

  1. Promoting membership in the organization
  2. Preparing marketing materials designed to recruit PAC Ambassador
  3. Working together with the Public Relations committee to disseminate information designed to recruit Pac Ambassadors.
  4. Preparing a PAC Ambassador kit that shall be distributed to PAC Ambassadors for the purpose of marketing and growing the membership.
  5. Setting up a bi-yearly goal with respect to recruitment of PAC Ambassadors.  Meeting: Twice a month  * Report to: Executive Board
Fundraising Committee: The role of the Fundraising committee is to develop a fundraising plan to raise money for the organization and to ensure that our fundraising and reporting procedures are followed. The Chair of the committee shall be responsible for all fundraising events, and shall report directly to the Board of Directors with respect to the same. 

Search Committee: HDPAC is always in search of talents to serve in different capacities in the organization, therefore, the search committee is a permanent committee whose job is to find and  interview possible candidates to serve in the Board of Directors, Executive Board as well as Chairing HDPAC Standing Committees. This Committee reports to the Executive Board.