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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, December 31, 2021 – The Coalition of Haitian Diaspora Organizations  (COODAH); the Haitian Diaspora Federation (HDF), The Haitian Medical Association (AMHE), the  Haitian Diaspora Political Action Committee (HDPAC), Movement Patriotique Des Haitiens Conscients  (MPHC); Haitian Diaspora United for Haiti (HDUH); and its Haiti affiliated organizations: GIPHADREC,  Tribune Politique Des Femmes (TPF), Ayiti Dapres Fanm Peyizan Ak Fanmi’l (ADFPF),  WeAdvance/MapVansea partner to form the Haitian Diaspora Interest Group to convene the “Haiti Unity  Summit” scheduled for January 13-19, 2021 at the Southern University Law Center, Nelson Mandela Center  for Public Policy, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Themed “Haiti Unity Summit”, the purpose of the Summit  is to provide a platform for the different political factions and Haitian Civil Society to negotiate a permanent  solution to the political crisis and to lay the groundwork for a government of transition that will organize free  and fair elections as soon as practicable.  

The summit will gather ten (10) invited protagonists of the different “Accords” – Accord Montana, Accord  Primature, Accord Cesco, Accord Pen, Akor Lari’a, Accord Du Millieu, Accord Kontra Ped La, Accord  Tribune Des Femmes, Accord Soley Leve, and Accord Final De Vertieres. This Haitian-led event presents  a format that would allow all parties to state their positions and negotiate their positions without interference  from any third party. Through facilitated mediation, trained facilitators and mediators will assist the parties to  flush out the issues that would allow a final solution. Each party will be allowed to present its position publicly  and then will go into private sessions with a mediator and a facilitator. With the assistance of trained  professionals, this three-day event provides an historic opportunity for a final solution.  

The Summit is supported by Haitians and the international community: “we need Haitian solution to Haitian  problems”, Michaelle Jean, the Haitian born Former Governor of Canada told delegates of the Global  Haitian diaspora. “This must be a Haitian-led solution”, Brian Nichols, the Assistant Secretary for Western  Hemisphere, told the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. “We need An Accord of all the Accords,” Kenneth Merten, the United States charge affairs in Haiti. This was later echoed by Madame Linda Thomas 

Greenfield, and several other Congress’ members, including Congressman, Gregory Meeks, the Chairman  of the Foreign Relations Committee. The Summit will be facilitated by the highly decorated Lt. General  Russell L. Honoré (ret).  

The “Haiti Unity Summit” invite the media in general to cover the event and thanks our partners and sponsors  for their continued support and thank everyone in advance for their interest, enthusiasm, advice, active  participation, support, and prompt response. This a call to Unity, and we expect all Haitians to champion  the cause of Unity. “L’UNION FAIT LA FORCE.” 

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